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Deep Listening in Relationship

What I wish for any relationship is this commitment:

I listen, I listen so deeply and as good as I can, for the voice of YOUR heart and soul that knows what‘s right for you. I listen in the moments when you yourself are not able to listen, I listen through all of my own irritation, through all my „no‘s“, because I trust your heart and soul much more than I trust my concepts and ideas. I listen to your heart, by listening to my heart. Because that‘s where we resonate, and where we truly meet. And that‘s where love is, always, and where love says „yes“ and agrees: As it is how it is, I agree that it is.

Because for some unknown reason, each soul wants to be witnessed.

It wants to be witnessed in its unique path that maybe no one can understand yet. It wants to be witnessed, not to be influenced. Because bearing witness means to honour it fully, to deeply acknowledge its mysterious wisdom and untouchable dignity. To admit that we know nothing, and the divine knows it all, and as a part of divinity it‘s encoded in this soul to live what should be lived for her.

Only through this honouring and acknowledging in deep humility, the soul will reveal its mystery and its most beautiful colours.

Let‘s serve each other in this way if we enter into relationship: To become as good listeners as we can, to our own hearts and souls and to heart and soul of the other.

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