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Trust is Peace.

Trust is not a state, but a process.

We can strengthen and renew our trust in life, in ourselves and in others constantly.

My work is an offer to support you on this journey.

I invite you to take the first step:

My gift for you:

Exploring trust:

A guided journaling session (Audio)

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Hi, my name is


I support you in finding greater (self-) trust and ease in your relationships.


By getting in touch with your somatic (bodily) experience and awareness, you can practice to open up pathways towards greater self-understanding, compassion and clarity. My work is trauma-informed and guided by listening to your Nervous System and the wisdom of your body.

Once we begin to solve the riddles that our emotional life often appears to present, laughter and lightness can find their way back into our lives - and love can blossom!


My background:

Apart from my academic degree in Sociology (B.A.), I hold a license as alternative practitioner in the field of psychotherapy ("Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie").


I am trained as a Systemic Counselor, Bodywork Instructor (Breema®), and Women Circle Facilitator (Sistership Circle), and attended trainings in Nervous System Healing and Trauma therapy (Irene Lyon, SBSM). Through a variety of further education and personal experience, I've explored mindfulness and embodiment in communication and relation with oneself and others.

My hearts longing is to bring us back into truthful and loveful belonging

- with ourselves, each other and this earth.

Über mich
1:1 Sessions

Would you like to find or renew a sense of trust - self-trust, trust in relationships, in your lifes path?

Would you like to reveal yourself more truthfully (to yourself and others)?

Would you like to enter into relationships with courage, speak your needs, longings and boundaries and feel safe, valued and loveable as your authentic self?

In my 1:1 sessions I invite you to explore these topics in a safe space with my support and guidance.

Sessions can take place live in Berlin in my private studio, or online via Videochat.

Your investment: 90 € (60 - 90 Min)

I offer a free introductory 20-Min call to see if it fits

Book a call or a session

My Blog on Trust
Articles in English or German
Trust is a process. Begin your journey now.

I would like to support you on your journey towards greater (self-) trust. Get started with a free 10-Min Journaling exercise (Audio).

You can download it here and begin in your own timing:


Exploring trust: A guided Journaling session (Audio)

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