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Being response-able

Mutual support. I sink back into the ground that softly holds and receives me, like a warm cloud. I can leave all responsibility for timing and for their well-being with the person who right now gives me supportive touch.

I can dare to receive more and more. Gradually opening up, leaving all the tension that comes from a thought of being responsible. Here I experience what it might really mean to be response-able: to fully be present with what is, and to be receptive, in the sense of being open to really experience that what is. One of these rare moments when my body trusts, develops trust, and so do my feelings and thoughts – they develop trust in each other.

My feelings start to trust my body. My thoughts start to trust my feelings. I let go of all attempts to make myself someone else than I actually am in this moment.

I become response-able for myself. And in this way receptive to others and life.

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