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Stone woman

What a rock would tell me about my own path as a woman - on my three weeks hiking tour through the Alps.

We reached Vrsic pass, and found the small path to our mountain hut. Suddenly I stopped: From the mountain range opposite of our path, the face of a woman looked at us. She was crying, but softly smiling at the same time.

You can see her face next to the tree, quite small.

In the evening I sat there for a long time and looked at her face made of stone, which yet seemed so alive. The locals tell her story like this: She was a kind-hearted girl, who helped mountaineers and hunters to cross the pass in winter times, and also she was a gifted fortune teller (or even fortune goddess).

A time came, when she told a newborn boy he would be the strongest hunter and most talented mountaineer and he’d kill the golden mountain goat and become rich and live a long life. For telling this fortune, she was cursed by her fellow goddesses and turned into stone.

I looked at her for long time, and intuitively it came to me it must have been a slightly different story: That she told the boy he would be strong and gifted and blessed by the gods, and she must have known he would be the one on her side. They would complement each other in a way that made their live abundant and rich, in a spiritual and material sense.

The other fortune tellers must have cursed her for daring to unite with and through love. So she turned to stone, patrified.

There is a stone woman in me as well. Patrified by the idea of uniting in such strong way. It’s the story of my stone woman.

And when I asked her: what should I do with my life, what is my fortune? She answered I should leave behind what I cling on to, as a way of stabilizing my identity. Leave anything that in reality wants to go. Only then you can be a free flowing woman. Find out what that means.

And find out how a free flowing woman would relate to a man.

Walk on empty-handed, cleared and cleaned by grief and tears.

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