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Numbing or Healing?

For some people (me included), it is by now the norm to be on a healing path, to have a calendar packed with private sessions, ceremonies and circle events, and a kitchen full of products to aid our physical healing.

This is an invitation to look at our own healing agenda and take a step back to honestly consider: Does this support my healing or am I numbing myself?

It can feel so damn good to numb your feelings. Do you ’consume’ the wellness, self-development or spirituality scene in order to soothe and get rid of your bone-deep feelings of separation, sadness, anger, fear?

I don’t mean to criticize for such behavior - we all do that, it’s the easiest path. But I’d like to bring back in mind that healing means ‘to make whole’. True healing happens when you can be WITH all your emotions, inner parts, needs. When you can hold them and let them do their work in you.

Clare Dubois, the founder of TreeSisters who works for the reforestation of the tropics with fierce love and clarity says: “If you don’t cry it means you don’t feel your love. Your heart needs to break so you can step into your true power.“

That love, that power will bring a healing which goes beyond a personal ‘high’, beyond the trance of ‘feeling so safe and connected together’. It brings a form of deep connection, a desire for supporting life, that transcends our personal issues.

Our personal pain merges with the pain of the larger whole, and we can allow to really feel it, to firmly stand with it, to let it do its healing work in us. And instead of lulling us into a sleep, this healing wakes us up, increases our consciousness of being woven into all life, and therefore calls us to action on behalf of the healing of all life.

Healing, inside and outside at the same time.

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