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Nervous System Regulation - what's that?

On my website you will frequently read about "Nervous System Regulation" or "Stress Biology". In this post, I will shortly explain why these terms are relevant for my therapeutic practice - and for your health.

Each of us experiences moments, in which we loose our grounding and stability. Life doesn't meet our plans, we face failure, rejection, the feeling of isolation, sometimes even abuse or violence: There are countless reasons for shock, tension and panic. If these states become chronic, access to your inner source of aliveness and wholeness seems to be permanently denied by your very self.

Or, to put it in Nervous System language: You stay stuck in high activation or shut-down (very simplified).

Depending on how you learned to react to the outside shocks the world brought you in your early life, this might express differently: Maybe you learned to "pull yourself together", working even harder and pretending everything is alright. Maybe you are overwhelmed by emotions and loose yourself in pain. Maybe your mind is trying to keep control and thoughts don't stop spinning, or your thinking process and flexibility slow down. Maybe you isolate from others or excessively seek company.

But most important - how do you find your way back into relaxation, openness and stability?

Or in Nervous System language: How do you switch back to the ventral vagal part of your Nervous System - the part that allows us to be open, curious, social, creative?

Crisis is an invitation to come home to yourself and to practice finding a new balance from deeper within. It can be helpful to analyze our thoughts, to regulate our emotions.

But sometimes we can't make a transformation happen in a long-lasting way without also addressing the physical basics: Our Stress Biology.

We can learn to speak with our Nervous System and to navigate and slowly adapt our stress-responses.

Through bodywork and movement, you practice to let impulses from inside and outside flow through you while keeping your inner balance.

You practice to connect to others in a nourishing and joyful way while keeping healthy boundaries, and to find an authentic and well-grounded expression of who you are.

You practice to rest peacefully within yourself while being in touch with the world.

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