Listening II

The whole planet

sings a song of joy

a prayer and a hymn

to creation

through every being, everything that is alive

in any form

even the swarm of fish

caught and kept in the zoo


right now in front of me

like the child

watching and screaming in excitement

and my tears

as I watch the rays of sun

playing and painting waves

on the sandy floor of the basin

sing a song of joy

in every movement

each spiral



in every pulsation

and may it be invisible

like the great anacondas silent heartbeat

lies a song of joy

I want to know this song

and trust

my heart knows

my melody

in the grand concert of existence

how can anyone who really listens

who really sees

not know God.

(God? Formless, nameless, not tied to any concept or belief, not separate from us and yet much more than the sum of us, manifesting and present in all forms, matter, energy, constant change and eternity, silence in the core of existence and at the same time that which listens. That which I don't know and yet I know more intimately than myself.)

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