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Did you notice? Autumn is slowly coming... I can feel this subtle shift, days still buzzing with activity, but something slowing down, secretly, inside and around. A sense of exhaustion hitting me, which scared me at first and now I realize: Each month in my cycle I know the day when I'm still in the excitement of summer mode, outgoing, active, joyous, and suddenly there's a shift and I feel a need to go more inside, and sometimes these contradicting directions cause high tension.

What I need then is a moment of emptiness. Like the moment between outbreath and inbreath. Silence, no input or output, patience, listening.

And honoring my creations. Realizing that life is cyclical, I get aware that there's a time to plant new seeds and grow them, and there's a time to harvest, to celebrate and take in all the colours, scents and textures of these creations. Noticing what has come to fruition, what didn't grow the way I wished, what developed in an unexpected direction... I just enjoyed to visualize and paint these creations as a plant. Turned out colorful!

Autumn is slowly coming and inviting me to go more inside. Yes, some things are still growing and need some more energy, work and attention, but I allow myself to slow down a bit, enjoy what I'm doing, knowing I've already accomplished a great deal, do the work with greater ease and the getting aware that soon there'll be time soon to really rest, digest and regenerate. Grateful for the cyclical nature of life.

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