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Finding flow in the form

Reflections from my three weeks hike through the Alps.

When I chose to hike a long-distance trail, I had a clear intention: Practicing to stay in the flow while committing to one form – whatever happens, in any weather.

So I chose to walk. And found the flow, the deep connectedness, the opening of all my channels, the rootedness in rhythm, the centering in the present moment – while walking, walking and walking.

I didn’t feel like finishing, had a wish to stay in this delicious place of openness, presence, connectedness and trust which brought such deep peaceful joy. My whole being, even my feet said: Walk on!

I will, soon. But for now, I am moving on in a different form, but still with the same intention of finding the flow within the form:

I am in Austria and participate in a Breema Bodywork Intensive – as I chose Bodywork to be my form.

What is Breema? So far, from the bit of Breema I received and gave, I understand and experienced it as a form of movement and touch, solo or as partnerwork, which brings exactly this presence, centeredness, connection and opening I experienced while walking.

Breema aims to bring together body, mind and feelings into the present moment.

It brings simplicity, ease, and lets you feel your aliveness.

It is based on 9 principles, which are the basis for the inner attitude and the quality of touch and movement in practicing or giving Breema. For example: No hurry, no pause. No force. No judgement. Body comfortable.

Principles which feel natural to my being and which I explored for myself while hiking – to find the flow within the form, to deeply come home to myself and be connected to the world in the same moment.

I am happy to keep exploring – now in touch and exchange with other people around me, which brings new challenges and learning opportunities with it. If you would like to make an experience of “coming home to your body, to yourself and this moment” through receiving touch and movement:

I chose to commit to this form, and I wish to have as many people as possible enjoy its healing effects!

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