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Feeling full and satisfied

After four days of practicing Breema Bodywork for 6 hours each day with a group of 30 people, I feel so full. In such good way: I feel nourished and satisfied.

Normally, when I say I am full, I refer to a feeling of being overloaded or crowded with too many thoughts or stuffed with too much food or information. How rarely do I use the term “I am full” to express a state of being which is simple, and natural.

This state of feeling nourished, satisfied and peaceful does not come from “eating” more of something – it appears when I practice to be LESS crowded and actually drop all extras within and around. It appears that wanting less and yet being very present and awake lets me feel the wealth and the nourishment and support I constantly receive from life. The body breathes oxygen. The floor supports my weight.

A simple touch tells me that I exist.

It’s the satisfaction of arriving in my body, and supporting others through my body to maybe arrive in theirs. And through our bodies to arrive in that alive and abundant state of fullness and satisfaction: All is well. All is given.

It’s not something that my mind just tells me, not an idea. My mind still runs wild and tries to tell me what I am lacking, to organize my future, to prevent failure or pain, to optimize my life, to control the next 10 steps and already know all directions. Well, that’s the nature of mind.

The fullness rather sits in each body cell – as if my cells are whispering: We’re so satisfied. So nurtured. All is good.

And also: We’re so full and charged – there’s plenty of energy available now. Keep it flowing, don’t hold back!

Yes. I’d like to pass it on, so others can taste that state of nourishment and fullness as well. There’s plenty of it available for everyone. In simplicity. In stillness. In the body. In connection to each other and the source of all that is.

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